4.40. Deployment

If you develop your PyDADL application inside the definitive server, you just have to install the client on the workstations.

If you have to install the PyDADL application on a different server, execute the pydadl_new_project script on the new server to create the databases and the project directory (keep the same project name), then copy there the content of your working project directory. Enter the project directory and execute the ./compile script with no arguments and start either the PyDADL standalone server or apache server.

To deploy the PyDADL client on a Unix system, follow the installation procedure, if you want to just run the PyDADL client, you can skip these component : MySQL, MySQL-python and pyOpenSSL.

To run the PyDADL client on a Microsoft Windows system, you can use the binary installer available in the project download page. The installer includes all needed components.